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Optimizing Productivity, Yield & Power consumption

Optimizing Productivity, Yield & Power consumption

Steel Production has some of the most complex processes. Each heat/product is treated as a batch and for most of the process operating temperatures are in the range of 700 – 1600 Degree Celsius, application of electronic devices, sensors and control circuits have lots of limitations and complexities.

Digital transformation of steel manufacturing processes is expected to reduce cost, time & minimize the complexity of operations. Digital execution (Digital SOP), predictive maintenance, IoT enabled smart sensors & data analytics gives much needed push for safe & quality steel production.

Digital transformation requires a very methodical approach with an execution strategy taking into account the inherent needs of steel making process. Adding data analytics on structured data solves key deep rooted problems such as quality prediction, material identification, yield & power optimization, ore/coal blending etc.

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Solving complexities in Steel manufacturing seamlessly and efficiently

In steel melt shop, steel manufacturers wish to achieve prime quality steel. Achieving prime quality for each heat is a challenge. Also, handling hot liquid material & optimizing the various process are other challenges.

Some of the key Challenges have been listed:

  • Real time information of in process parameters, chemistry & deviation alert for EAF, AOD, LRF & Caster
  • Automated digital SOP for each material grade
  • Achieving super heat
  • Liquid metal chemistry management
  • Yield and power optimization
  • Caster quality prediction
  • Real time information of scheduled production or in change of planned production
  • Ladle & tundish management
  • Optimizing the various process such as KR process, LD Process, ERF, LRF, Caster etc is the key challenge

Combining various data points such as machine data, operator intelligence, sensor data, material addition data & third party system data to Vegam SFS Steel solution enables real time operational visibility. Predict caster defect, digitise all the operational SOP, helps in chemistry management, yield & power optimization and optimize the existing process to get better product quality. Inbuilt complex logic & advance analytics helps to avoid any process deviations and predict product quality.

Rolling process comes with unique set of challenges, since these process happens at relatively higher speed. Maintaining the right SOP & avoiding the rework/coil rejections is an area of concern for steel manufacturers.

Some of the key Challenges have been listed:

  • Digital SOPs adhering to different grades
  • Real time alerts on deviation, trend charts for all the critical parameters with respect to batch/production order
  • Real time process data for subsequent operations through digitized operations
  • Coil Yard management
  • Batch Traceability

Vegam SFS for steel solution enable digital SOP for all the steel grades, real time deviations & trend charts helps to analyse the process & further enhance the SOP for better product quality. Sensor & vision based system helps in better coil yard management.
Tracking processes & integration with material movement, provides complete batch traceability of the products. Parent- Child relationships established and real time visibility helps to identify & locate the material in the yard.

Manufacturing of steel requires huge quantities of materials to be pre-processed. Handling bulk quantity of materials, receiving, quality validation & optimizing their usage are the challenges for steel manufacturers. Also, steel makers needs to account supply of pipeline materials & shortage of raw materials.

Some of the key Challenges have been listed:

  • Managing incoming raw materials: material unloading, storage, mixing, assigning batch, & chemistry management
  • Iron ore/Coal blending to optimize the cost & material usage
  • Raw material addition and tracking at various processes
  • Locating raw materials in the open yard
  • Optimized charge preparation based on grade
  • Real-time inventory of raw materials

Vegam SFS for Steel solution uses various hardware &  IIoT platform (Vegam IoT), combining operational data points with various logic/analytics. Vegam offers better traceability & real time visibility of raw materials. Advance analytics solution helps to optimize iron ore/coal blending thus enabling steel manufacturers to achieve better ROI.

Since Steel manufacturing process is very complex in the nature producing prime quality of steel throws several challenges.

Some of the key Challenges have been listed:

  • Stringent Quality control processes
  • Structured data availability to run the analytics
  • Seamless & real time data availability for various department such as planning, quality, production, logistics etc to optimize the production of the steel.

India’s largest Stainless Steel Manufacturer was able to achieve complete Batch Traceability & improvement in Product Quality

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Digital Transformation of Stainless Steel Manufacturing
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