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With the advent of Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0, manufacturing as a function is now in the driver’s seat of many businesses. Vegam has been in the forefront of this revolution, transforming manufacturing plants for over a decade.

Driven by a fierce passion for delivering human-centric digital solution that enable “Smarter” and “Safer” plants, Vegam has striven to create Operator- and Operations-friendly environment. Vegam believes that empowered & happy operators drive efficiencies and profitability for all enterprises – from the largest to the smallest. We believe that happy employees lead satisfied lives and contribute to the overall wellbeing of the societies we live in.

We are driven by a culture of constant innovation, where new technologies are tried & tested, and evaluated for solving our customer’s business problems – from large geographically distributed manufacturing operations, or small stand-alone manufacturing units. We believe that, while solving customer problems, taking into consideration multiple end-user scenarios results in greater customer satisfaction.

Hence we have, in many cases, taken up & solved tasks for our customers, even if they do not pertain to Vegam’s solutions. This extreme focus on customer-centricity has helped us create and deploy solution frameworks with end-to-end capabilities for our customers. Our use of best-in-breed components ensure our solutions integrate easily into our customers’ business landscape.

This culture of human focus, customer centricity and innovation has been driven top-down at Vegam by Subbu, the Founder & CEO of Vegam Solutions. With a strong belief in cultural values and emotions, Vegam’s teams are driven by a respect towards the human element of business. We believe being kind and compassionate cannot be traded off under the guise of being professional.

We believe that we have borrowed our world from the future generations. We therefore believe that a focus on sustainability and eco-friendly solutions should be a norm, rather than an exception. We have taken many initiatives like funding young girls continuing college education or supporting start-ups (financially, resources, opportunities & customer access).

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Board of Directors

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