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Information Security Policy

The purpose of ISMS is to protect the information assets from significant internal and external threats that may expose the asset to risks and also intend to continually improve and maintain the integrity of ISMS at Aureole Technologies. Required necessary steps will be taken to protect unauthorized access, modifications and disclosure of any critical information.

Aureole Technologies – commits itself to provide secured environment through:
⦁ Safe and secure transmission, handling and processing of customer, resources and organization data
⦁ Access to the information for authorized personnel only for the required time duration to maintain integrity
⦁ Comprehensive consideration of business, regulatory and contractual security obligations.
⦁ Formal validation of the data secured by the implementation of appropriate controls for risks associated to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability
⦁ Adequate Information Security Awareness training to all staff members of Aureole
⦁ Implementation of Business continuity plans and proper backups
⦁ Continual improvements to the ISMS for effective implementation
⦁ Confidentiality of valued assets to be given priority
⦁ Any Incident involving information disclosure to unauthorized personnel will be dealt adequately

⦁ Assured delivery of services
⦁ Protection to Aureole information
⦁ Achieve defined SLAs
⦁ To comply with legal & contractual requirements
⦁ To act upon all breaches of information security and suspected weaknesses

Responsibility & Applicability
The Top Management has committed in implementing this policy. This policy is applicable to all employees, contractors, consultants and any third-party team working in/for Aureole Technologies.

The goal is to identify through appropriate risk assessments, the value of information assets and to understand their vulnerabilities and the threats that may expose organization to risks. Mitigate the risks to an acceptable level through the implementation and maintenance of a formal Information Security Management System.


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