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What Vegam does?

Vegam Solutions Pte Ltd is a globally functioning Manufacturing Transformation & Technology Solutions company focused on making factories smarter and efficient. Vegam solutions offer Digital Factory, Industrial IoT and Big Data & Analytics Solutions to manufacturing plants.

Why Vegam products for manufacturing plants ?


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Our solutions


Vegam 4i

Industry 4.0 platform, enables achieving ‘Smart Factories’. It involve, deployment of a platform that enables Cyber-Physical Systems, involving real time communication between man, machine and the cyber-world extending to Internet of Things.


Vegam View

IOT Application Framework with capability to interface wide variety of data sources.



The little details are what will bring big changes and improvement – this we realise through our decades of engaging with customers. Vegam’s core forte is to solve those ‘little things’ that enables smarter factories.


Vegam dStore

This enables a data scientist build analytics app without data hassles. It is essentially A large Volume Data Store Real time data pumped from various sources into Cloud and Cloud Historian.


Vegam Label

Vegam Label is a comprehensive GHS and CLP compliant Label Printing and Management solution for Chemical Manufacturers. Configurable to be compliant with global safety standards.


Vegam Zing

This is a 3D Virtual Reality framework with Real Time Data overlay’. It brings out the crystal ball for business decision makers through advanced analytic and data visualization techniques. The result – faster and better decision making.


About Vegam


Vegam, meaning “Speed” in Sanskrit develops a suite of products to help user in the Industry 4.0 revolution , The mission of the brand is to create “ Actionable Intelligence” through “Transparent visualization of analysed data” resulting in “Operational and strategic excellence” . Vegam Solutions Pte Ltd is a technology solutions company based in Singapore with its main development center at Bangalore, India. Vegam team has worked extensively with enterprise customers and understands their complex needs.

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Clients & partners


What customers say about us ?


  • “The Vegam’s “Smart factory Platform” offered a great start for Henkel’s Industry 4.0 Initiative. The agility and professionalism this company has shown was tremendous and we are happy with them as a partner in our Digitalization journey”
    Rolf Knoerzer, Regional Head of Operations – Asia Pacific

  • Vegam’s Smart Factory offered Mid Management to view performance at the lowest granularity with just a click of button. The bottom up approach in which the platform has been built made user adoption very successful. .
    Sharpin Zou, Subregion Head – South east asia

  • The Vegam solution is built with an operator in mind. It understands my challenges as an Operator and makes following processes simpler. It offers the right information at the right time instead of a complete stack of information which I need to refer to. Digitalizing SOP has significantly helped me with my job.
    Operator – China

  • We have seen great improvements in terms of productivity, labor efficiency, site safety and lean mind set with in the plant. Sustainable improvement of these has always remained a challenge and today Vegam fills that gap with a platform that delivers an end to end visibility of a factory.
    Darren Fahlbusch, Head Operations - ANZ

New posts

Our aim is to connect and interact with various stakeholders of the Industry 4.0 ecosystem. Blog is a powerful way of sharing ideas and thoughts, and the comments are a powerful way of information exchange.  We welcome comments and happy to interact on Industry 4.0.



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