Vegam 4i- Smart factories delivered.

Vegam – Making Factories Smarter

Vegam is an ‘Industry 4.0’ enabler, offering platforms and solutions to transform manufacturing plants into smart-connected factories. Man, Machine and transactions are all connected working in a harmony. Real time transactions brings in transparency and helps decision makers view complex data in simple visuals with actionable recommendations. Vegam 4iTM forms the central piece of Vegam Industry 4.0  solutions, offering modules & plugins to transform all aspects of manufacturing plant.  Vegam ZingTM enables advanced visualization, KPI’s and 3D Real time overlay of information onto Factory Visuals. Vegam LabelTM  offers complete labelling needs of the manufacturing plant, helping support compliance needs.


Vegam Zing™ is a ‘3D Virtual Reality framework with Real Time Data overlay’. Vegam Zing™  brings out the crystal ball for business decision makers through advanced analytic and data visualization techniques.  Powered by a unique gaming engine, it creates a multi-layered, three dimensional, True View , 3D Modeled View and Virtual View, showing overlaid real time data for customized KPIs. The result – faster and better decision making.



Vegam 4i  is a Digital Industry 4.0 platform which helps manufacturing attain operational excellence. Vegam 4i™, built as modular platform, in partnership with factories, involving operators during the design, has the most operator friendly functions and interfaces. Vegam 4i  helps achieve paper-less operations, making it very efficient in handling exceptions & changes. Vegam 4i  enables Just-in-time training, Just-in-time instructions & predictive/preventive alarms, to reduce errors and failures. Operations data when integrated with sensor data in real-time, helps  enforce adherence and increase quality. Actionable KPI’s drive by the Vegam Zing  module integrated with actions that can be tracked/assigned to operators, brings in transparency and traceability of improvements & continuous implementation of recommendations.



Vegam Label is a comprehensive GHS & CLP compliant Label Printing and Management solution for Chemical Manufacturers.  Configurable to be compliant with global safety standards, Vegam Label offers flexibility to design and print labels that are multi-lingual, with required internal symbols, text, branding and Barcodes. Available in both cloud and on-premise forms, Vegam Label can be integrated with BarTender, ERP, MRP and any other legacy system.