When Things becomes your business

There has been a great deal of focus on improving efficiency through automation, especially in manufacturing.  Industry 4.0 has brought upon the other aspects of being smart – real time, connected cyberphysical systems generating data, and analytics that delivers decision support and applications that help ‘act’.  After first three generations of making smarter machines, smarter processes that include machines, material, processes and events working in tandem to achieve business goals are the key for success.

Things are becoming smarter, and your business

Things are becoming smarter, and your business

Whilst being comprehensive, IOT has become an essential part of ‘intelligence’ in machines.  With mechanization, and electronics evolving into more intelligent levels – devices, especially sensors that can record and transmit vital data back to applications or users have made the machines or the ‘things’ more evolved.  These ‘things’ not only now just are intelligent, they infact gain life – by becoming interactive.  Interactive things are basically devices or sensors that can share inputs and act, in many cases, with basic intelligence.  This evolution is possible in many use cases – like pressure valves.  The pressure valve sensor can transmit status data, but also can be used to shut down if remotely controlled.

Such ‘active’ intelligence of the ‘things’ will be used in more hazardous cases with extreme care.  Recently, we got an enquiry from a Japanese pharma major who are willing to look at remote control of high pressure valves in a ‘lights-on’ scenario.  The evolution of things, if you are a manufacturer, will be a serious factor to improve risk avoidance at the shop floor level, and ‘act’ in critical situations.  In short, it is time that ‘things’ become your business.

-Ashok Subramanian

Ashok is a Business Strategist with Vegam Solutions. For more details email us at business@vegam.co.