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Future of manufacturing

AI/ML based Prediction |
Quality |
Real-time Simulation

With complete digitalization allows from creating a virtual environment of the plants physical assets and resources, i.e a Digital Twin. A Digital Twin solution allows for faster, easier and safer ways to manage and predict·       

  • Plant performance        

  • Overall efficiency

  • Production quality 

vDigiTwin from Vegam Solutions enables a simulated environment which helps predict production yield and product quality before even the production has started. Vegam’s powerful real-time visualizations and real-time dashboards allow for a 360 degree view if the production process and allows for remote monitoring and control.

vDigiTwin allows improved planning, efficient operations and in turn provides consistent quality. The subsequent data with AI/ML based analysis helps in producing a golden batch.

vDigiTwin enables a safer environment with virtual simulation of machines and helps predict, analyse and rectify machine failures before they can occur.
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Why vDigiTwin ?

AI/ML Based Prediction
Predict output, quality and downtimes before production
Real-Time Visualisations
Remote Monitoring & Control
100% Safer Operations
Accident/Hazard Free Operations
Integration of all Data Sources
Integrate data from PLC, DCS, OPC servers  
Secure Operations
Centralised Data Server with improved data security
Improved Profitability
Consistent quality and reduced customer rejections
Key Features

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Real-Time Visualizations

  • Real-time monitoring with simulated process data

  • AI/ML Based Data Analytics

  • Accurate process parameters

  • Downtime Reporting

  • Mobile based configurable alerts & deviations



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Real-Time SImulated Environment

  • Faster and safer decisions

  • Remote monitoring and control

  • Predict outcomes and anomalies earlier