Hannover Messe: Digital Factory


Vegam 4i enables a ‘Digital Factory’ through connecting silos of information and processes within the factory fences.

Digital Factory, according to the Hannover Messe website brings about ‘intelligent integration’.   Intelligent integration focuses on the confluence of Electrical, Mechanical Engineering and Information technology.   By bring together these disciplines,  the integration of processes across the manufacturing value chain results in a smarter factory.  From the supplier to the shop floor, from production to customer, the entire process is networked and integrated.

The fact is that ‘real time and connected’ factories enable to create increased transparency at the shop floor.  Vegam 4i, a leading industry 4.0 platform brings together some of the key manufacturing processes together INSIDE the factory.  From Goods receipt to dispatch, Vegam 4i platform connects various systems including ERP, machine data and operator inputs to help present real time data dashboards that help shop floor managers to manage operations and decide on approval dynamically.

With the ability to interface IOT sensors, PLC controls,  handheld inputs and also interfacing with ERP – the main objective of removing data and operational silos is achieved.  Vegam 4i has achieved this in many factory scenarios especially in complex and hazardous chemical production plants.

“People who prepare for the future by harnessing modern technology to their needs will gain a competitive edge in the medium to long run.” -Heinz Gaub, Managing Director at the mechanical engineering firm Arburg GmbH + Co KG, as the Hannover Messe website indicates.

The need to integrate and address the  ‘last mile’ in the shop floor is a key step in achieving ‘Digital Factories’.  This will enable nimble, visible and transparent decision making at the manager / supervisor level and empower the operator to act real time on exception scenarios.

-Ashok Subramanian

Ashok is a Business Strategist with Vegam Solutions. For more details email us at business@vegam.co