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What VegamView can do?


Data sources. Connect & store.

Draw layouts. Tag assets and machines.

Build applications, business logic. Define alerts, triggers.

Display real time dashboards and visualization.


Why VegamView ?


Enable new business models

Move from selling hardware to offering it as a service.

Enable collaboration with vendors, customers & partners

A bulk tank quantity sensor can drive JIT order to the vendor for supplying the material.

Enhance efficiency by real-time monitoring & triggering of alerts

Power consumption data interfaced with real-time power tariff can help trigger power optimisation.

Future readiness enabled by new sensors & data driven intelligence applications

Wireless and battery operated sensors for monitoring vibrations retrofitted on old machines to enable predictive maintenance.


Uniqueness of VegamView


  1. Enterprise class solution

  2. Configurable security and control capabilities to enable usage in a “Factory Control net”, Intranet and Internet.

  3. Integration with legacy machines and sensors with / without standard interfaces

  4. Support for custom hardware and software integration as a service

  5. Drag-and-drop user interface for effective application development and visualisation

  6. Factory / Floor layouts / Machine /Sensor Images, 2D drawings can be imported

  7. Visualisation with 5 Levels of hierarchy for automatic drill down

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