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What is Vegam 4i ?


Future manufacturing enterprises are expected to be smart. Post the integration of IT in the past two decades, the next stage of ‘smartness’ is digitization of manufacturing with a seamless integration and connectivity. Creating a smart factory involve, deployment of a platform that enables Cyber-Physical Systems, involving real time communication between man, machine and the cyber-world extending to Internet of Things. This would enable connected devices to exchange information and implement actions without any human intervention. As a per-requisite for realising connected factory, real-time synchronisation of manufacturing and supply chain operations is essential. Vegam 4i, an Industry 4.0 platform, enables achieving ‘Future Factories’ / ‘Smart Factories’. “Vegam 4i” offers a single window framework with all the departments and functional modules of the Manufacturing plant. Vegam 4i includes, a Scan-Pack module for handling material movements, a production module for handling recipe/ SOP /manufacturing, a reporting module with real-time KPI-dashboard for continuous improvement. Vegam 4i offers integration with other production enterprise software like ERP, PLM, Courier, Transport and Shipping solutions. Vegam 4i has large successful deployments in the Asia Pacific region. Vegam 4i has helped manufacturers in continuous improvements, reduction of costs, enhanced operational efficiency. Vegam 4i has also enabled factories to operate more transparently and thus identify/eliminate bottle-necks and losses. The kind of factories include small units in Australia to Mega Factories at China.

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Vegam 4i fits into IT landscape

BI<-> ERP<-> Vegam 4i <->SCADA
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Advantages of implementing Vegam 4i

Inventoty Accuracy
Inventory Losses
Cycles Time for Material Handling
Quality Rejects & Reworks
Responce Time for Handling Changes

The current state of most factories are somewhere between semi-automated and automated. Some portions of the production or supply chain functions are still manually operated or paper driven. Even automated factories have non-integrated back-end, broken-chain and silo-ed functions that result in efficiency and productivity leakage. This in turn, results in the defeat of the ultimate aim of achieving Operational Excellence. Other key challenges are around issues with exception handling and loose ends in integration with other software.The Vegam platform offers to fill these gaps in one quantum leap. This enables organizations to leapfrog into the Industry 4.0 framework irrespective of their current levels of automation and maturity.

  • Empower man & machine to make real time decisions based on data

  • Just-in-time training,Just-in-time instructions for safer and dynamic manufacturing

  • Digital Standard Operating Procedures for adopting quick product launch cycles

  • Enables Paperless Factories by Digitizing SOP

Key modules of Vegam 4i

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KPI modules & key features of Vegam 4i

Team Vegam has developed a very extensive KPI/ Dashboard solution that brings out large number of relevant and actionable insights   to the various stakeholders of a manufacturing plant. Vegam 4i also offers third party tools to integrate with this data and present them as per the needs. 
Traceability & drill down

Zoom/Time range

Assign task or leave comment

Configurable chart types

Configurable dashboards

Machine data & User actions Integrated live views

Reports and dashboards

Reports/dashboards for:

  • Receiving
  • Staging
  • Manufacturing
  • Dispatch

Reports types for :          

  • Rate of doing tasks
  • Time take for doing tasks
  • Status
  • Volume
  • Off-spec batch
  • Reject batch