Sweden is a negative interest rate environment

Having sex in WINTER is more likely to produce children who are naturally slim, study revealsWinter sex is more likely to produce naturally skinny individuals who never have to worry about their weight, a study suggests16:07, 9 JUL 2018Sex in winter (Image: iStockphoto) Swiss scientists examined CT (computed tomography) scans of 8,400 adults, comparing those conceived at colder times of year and born between July and November and others born between January and June.They found that the first group had significantly more active brown fat than the second.Tests on mice encouraged to mate in hot or cool conditions confirmed the finding and showed that the temperature difference only affected sexually active males.Fish and chips tonight? Couples who eat seafood have more SEX, study revealsOffspring of male mice kept in a cool 8C environment for several days prior to mating had larger amounts of brown fat.They were also better protected against weight gain and metabolic disorders when fed a high fat diet.Previous studies have suggested that people living in colder regions of the world tend to have higher levels of brown fat.Professor Christian Wolfrum, from ETH Zurich University, said: “Until now, the assumption was that this had something to do with the temperatures people experienced during their lifetime. But our observations suggest that temperatures prior to conception might also affect later levels of brown fat.”More work is needed before advice based on the research can be offered to couples, say the scientists.’Super gonorrhoea’ is on the rise worldwide as experts warn the STD could become INCURABLEThe study, reported in the journal Nature Medicine, showed that temperature affected chemical changes to sperm DNA that could be inherited, a process known as “epigenetic programming”.Prof Wolfrum added: “We need to study the correlation in people more closely. But it is likely that the exposure to cold needs to persist over a longer period for it to have an effect on epigenetic programming.”Taking a plunge in cold water or spending a short time lying on a block of ice probably won’t be enough.”.

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