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What is industry 4.0 ?

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Industry 4.0 a term coined by the German Government. It represents the transformation of manufacturing by bringing together isolated individual units into a fully integrated, automated and optimized production flow. Industry 4.0 is a new approach to achieve greater efficiency by integrating AI, Big Data & IIOT in factory floors thus making a “Smart” manufacturing environment.

Cyber-physical integration

Industry 4.0 uses cyber-physical network, digitizes & integrates processes such as: warehouse management & logistics, manufacturing, dispatch & service. All data about processes, process efficiency, quality & transactions are available real-time, supported by augmented reality.

Big data & analytics

The cloud based solutions enables new levels of scalability, flexibility and responsiveness. Analytics and big data allow insights to be derived real time from large volumes of data. These real time data and analytics enable manufacturer to adopt “prescriptive manufacturing”.

Prescriptive manufacturing

Prescriptive Production harnesses the accuracy of science, the power of machines and the judgment and problem-solving abilities of humans to apply forward-looking insights and remedial actions at the right time to ensure the highest level of production performance today and into the future.

Why industry 4.0?

Data driven decision making

Advanced IoT sensors

Enable new business models

Competitive advantage

Mobility, transparency and agility

Unit batch. Quicker launch of products

Enhance productivity & reduce losses

Enhance quality with tolerant inputs

Today & future

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