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IE, the ship needs to be stabilized long before it can be

Added to all that is the glacial demographic bomb of brown populations that has been grinding toward the present and threatens to sweep away all but the memory of the GOP core voting block influence, and you have a perfect storm of desperation, ignorance, paranoia, opportunism, corruption, and insanity.Trump is a symptom of a much greater illness, not the disease itself, and as soon as he is purged from government, we need to start a much broader conversation about what we can do about wealth inequity, political compromise, and preserving as much of America wealth and influence as possible while we are in decline. At least until we can deal with some of these societal structural flaws. IE, the ship needs to be stabilized long before it can be turned around, but even more urgently, we need to patch the holes that are taking on water!they capable of using logic, just not when it comes to politics.

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