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 Based in Singapore with our main development center at Bangalore, India, we are a professional team of expert technologists led by Mr.Subramanyam Kasibhat. Our committed team of 100+ technologists and business professionals who constantly challenge themselves with changing technological medium in this ever evolving digital world are our greatest assets.


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Subramanyam Kasibhat

With over 20 years of techonlogy business leadership roles, 5 startups across Electronics, Web tech and IOT, Subbu is a serial entrepreneur with experience spanning multiple technologies and domains. Decades of experience and understanding of electronics, enterprise software, manufacturing, execution systems and military applications, Subbu found himself ideally positioned to solve challenges faced by manufacturing plants. Subbu is engaged with various national and global industry bodies in promoting the Smart Factory revolution. Sharing knowledge and experience has been a learning experience he enjoys the most. He has conducted numerous workshops & guest lectures on how to transform manufacturing plants into Industry 4.

Savita Kasibhat

 Savita has 17 years of enterprise solutions experience, is a Hacker and the co-founder. Industry 4.0 is that new paradigm shift in manufacturing which requires expertise from different domains/technologies to converge in eliminating the process/execution challenges of the modern manufacturing. Her ability to foresee “the connect with present challenges at the factory” to “the future” has evolved into Vegam’s vision of being an ‘Industry 4.0 driver’. She interprets Industry 4.0 as not purely automation principle, but an endeavor to empower the operations & operators on the floor and bringing transparency & visibility to operations.  

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  • 20 years of industry experience Building sales team and delivering sales results

    Philip Kuruvilla
    Sales and New Business
  • 20 years industry experience Ex-head of business in Wipro and Thomson Reuters Proven track record of achieving sales numbers and growth

    Ashok Subramanian
    Strategy and Business Development
  • 30+ years industry experience in Manufacturing, supply chain, operations Ex- Head of Operations for Bayer CropScience

    Girish Kshirsagar
    Strategic Investors and Mentors
  • 30+ years industry experience Ph D in Chemical Engineering Operational Excellence Leader Ex- Operational Excellence leader in DuPont and Huntsman

    Alok Bhatia
    Strategic Investors and Mentors
  • 30+ years experience in Operations and project management of large chemical process industries (Fertilisers and Petrochemicals)

    Kiran Joshi
    Strategic Investors and Mentors