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About us

Vegam Solutions Pte Ltd is a Manufacturing Transformation & Technology Solutions company focused on making factories smarter and efficient. Vegam Solutions offers analytics, dashboard visualization and operational excellence solutions (MES) for industries like manufacturing, chemical and logistics.   Aureole Technologies Private Limited (Now Vegam Solutions) solutions for manufacturing plants have been in production since 2002. Our Marquee clientele includes multinationals like GE BEL, Siemens VDO, Texas Instruments Inc , LG, Saxa and Henkel. Aureole Technologies Private Limited solutions in Electronics have found their way into Indian Air Force, Army, automotive electronics and consumer electronics.   We give our best to make use of the state of art technologies and impart innovative approach to real life problems. We care to turn ideas of value to solutions that are operationally efficient and technically challenging.



  • Developing solutions since 2000
  • In-depth Experience of Manufacturing operations and IT Landscape.
  • End-2-End solutions capability, including hardware, software and operations.



  • In Identifying limitation and solving them with the aid of latest in technology
  • In integrating across SAP, Scada Systems, PLC & DCS Systems, legacy machines & sensors.
  • In seamless intergration across web, mobile ,IOT, big Data & Analytics



  •  A comprehensive Industry 4.0 platform –Vegam 4i
  • Enterprise ready IOT framework – VegamView.
  • Manufacturing Plant and Machine data management tool– VegamdStore.
  • GHS and other standards compliant Label Printing Solution – VegamLabel.
  • 3-Dimensional, Virtual- Reality based Dashboard solutions – VegamZing.

Our milestones


Vegam 4i for Chemical Plants


Vegam Label


vStore, vZing


Vegam IoT, vView


Vegam 4i for Steel plants, vSens, vEdge, vGateway


Vegam Inventory, vTrack, vYard, vWarehouse

Our traction

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Vegam - Making factories smarter across the globe